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Meet the team behind

Oh So Soho! was written and created by Stuart Jackson. He developed the story, created the characters, penned the script, and wrote and recorded the songs.


The story was brought to the virtual stage by Howie Wright who designed and built the animations, breathing life into the cast of characters stories and songs through his colourful and creative animatics. 


Costume designer Katy Roberts was tasked with creating the look and feel of the characters and costumes, bringing a larger-than-life sixties cartoon style to the design of the show, along with her early costumer sketches which are displayed throughout the site. A specialist in design for theatre and performance, Katy has most recently worked as Associate Designer on A Song of Songs at Park Theatre. Katy graduated with a first-class degree from Rose Bruford College and has since beencollaboraing on event designs and theatre performances.

The voice of Michelle is performed by up-and-coming actress Amber-Lily Jackson, student of London's prestigious Mount View Theatre School.

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