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Harry's Town...

From flower power to rock n’roll’s finest hour, come with us and witness Harry and Michelle fall in love as times change and worlds collide…


When flower-seller Harry Bright meets beautiful highfalutin’ socialite Michelle Ponsonby, love blossoms. They’re a class apart and Harry’s going up in the world, but Michelle’s father will do anything to destroy the couple’s happiness.


With 32 original songs played out across a backdrop of history’s most colourful decade, let Oh So Soho! take you back to experience beatniks, barrow boys and our very own Harry Bright, in a story that transcends space and time.


Fall in love with Harry, fall in love with Michelle, and fall in love with London in this musical love letter to swinging sixties Soho.

Along the way, we take a trip through the changing world of London’s Soho as the sixties take hold, meeting a cast of colourful characters, and a soundtrack that evokes classic musicals including Half a Sixpence, My Fair Lady, Mary Poppins and Oliver.
As the story evolves, so does the music, bringing us into the modern day as we close the tale of Harry and Michelle.

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Harry 1966, black background.JPG
Michelle 1966, black background.JPG

Oh So Soho! is set in the second half of the 1960s, with each of the four acts representing one of four years - 1966, 1967, 1968, 1969. 

It is bookended by our principal character
Harry Bright
set in the modern day, reminiscing about his story. 

Over the four acts, street-boy Harry meets upper-class socialite Michelle Ponsonby. They fall in love, they marry, and Michelle’s disapproving father tries desperately to break them up.

Meet our colourful cast of characters...

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