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ACT TWO: 1967

Fast forward to 1967. Something's in the air. Change is gonna come. But Harry's taken a day job. No more the life of the cheeky London street lad, now having to find ends meet working in a factory. But he's about to experience the sixties revolution in a way that will change his life forever...

Act Two: About Us

The Bang and The Boom

Working in a Factory ... and it's feeling like a day job

Act Two: Welcome
7Gucci Bs.jpg

Flower Power

The Gucci Bohemians on the scene

Act Two: About Us

Harry and Mr DuPont fight over Michelle's future

Tensions boil over between Harry and Mr DuPont as they fight for the girl they care for ... a daughter, a lover, a woman - Michell

Harry and Dupont arguing.jpg
Act Two: History
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