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ACT ONE: 1966

Here are some visual cues that help bring the story of Oh So Soho! to life...

In Act One, we meet Harry (both old and young), and young Harry meets Michelle and her father Mr Dupont disapproves intently. Fortune Teller Rosa tells Harry to take care, but the love-struck London lad just can't help himself.

Harry hero pic_edited_edited.jpg

Harry Bright

Harry, our hero, is a young cockney London Lad with no shoes but a big smile. We meet Harry on the streets of Soho, where he meets Michelle, a woman well outside of his class, but one who he instantly falls for.

Michelle Dupont

Michelle is Harry's beau - much to the unease of her father. A class above, Michelle is conflicted with her feelings for Harry. But you can't stop love and their whirlwind romance becomes more than just a fling.

Michelle_blonde and blue.jpg
Mr Dupont.jpg

Mr Dupont

As irascible as he is fat, Mr Dupont is a self-made man and one of London's most unforgiving landlords. Old school and not one for the permissiveness of the 1960's, he's protective of his daughter, does not care for Harry, and will do everything he can to stop their love from blossoming.

Gypsy Rosa

Gypsy Rosa, the fortune teller, is a friend of Harry's. A beautiful and caring woman, she's looking out for Harry's best interests and the cards don't look good.

Gypsy rosa.jpg
Act One: Meet the Team

Harry's Town

The Streets of Soho

Act One: Welcome

The Flower Seller's Stall

It's the stage furniture around which our first act is set - a simple flower seller's stall set on wheels that can be moved from street to street.

Flower stall cart illustration_edited.jpg
Act One: About Us
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